Ian is a Licensed Master Level Social Worker providing individual and group therapy services at Hockanum Valley Community Council. He received his Bachelor of Psychology degree from the University of Hartford, and his Master of Social Work degree from the University of Connecticut.

Ian offers both individual and group therapy services. He specializes in working with concerns regarding sexuality and gender, trauma, and anger management.  Having worked in the mental health field for approximately four years, Ian has developed a client-focused approach, offering unconditional positive regard, and belief in each person’s self-determination. He uses psychodynamic and interpersonal processing as his main forms of therapeutic intervention, as well as dialectical behavioral interventions, to help clients develop healthy coping and grounding skills. 

Ian treats clients diagnosed with various types of personality disorders, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and those who struggle with maintaining appropriate conduct.  Starting therapy can be overwhelming and challenging; Ian’s office is a safe space where all people are welcome to seek positive change for themselves and for their future.