Get out there and DONATE!


The “Emergency of Hunger” Food Drive is a team effort composed of public safety agencies, MACC Charities, HVCC Food Pantry, Rotary Clubs, and Stop & Shop & Geissler’s stores. Food, personal care items, turkeys, cash and gift cards are collected at the grocery store entrance by firefighters, police officers, and Explorers, EMTs, Paramedics, Rotarians and more. 

The drive started in Manchester and with help, it has grown to five locations in four towns. Our collective hope is that giving to this cause will become an annual tradition for every person that makes a donation. Every year we are shocked, amazed and proud of the generosity we see. To date, our records show a combined total of 1,149,000 meals served. 

Together, our goal this year is to make an all-out push by accepting all donations from each town throughout the Food Drive timeframe. If any schools, places of business, healthcare facilities, or other organizations want to collect food to add to the totals we are encouraging them to do so and will provide the support they need. They can contact the participating agencies in their town for details.