How do I get started in the HVCC Suboxone Program?

Contact your Primary Care Doctor and ask to complete the following tests: Hepatitis C (blood), Liver Function Test (blood), Pregnancy Testing (blood or urine) and a Physical (must be completed within past year). 

Once you have the results of these tests call HVCC and let us know so we can schedule you for your evaluation.

After your evaluation is finished, if we find that you are qualified for the program you will be scheduled for an evaluation with the prescribing Suboxone Psychiatrist within a week.

Goals of our program

Learn the basics of substance abuse

Understand how to prevent relapse and how to cope after relapse

Learn ways to gain a healthy support system

Gain effective coping skills for the everyday and the exceptions

Create ways to build courage, new values,  character and self-esteem post substance dependence

What to expect

Suboxone Group Therapy every Monday from 4-5pm

A weekly 20 minute visit with your prescribing Suboxone Psychiatrist conducted on Thursdays between the hours of 1-6pm

At least twice a week urine screens (one at your Psychiatrist or Group Therapy visit and one random where you are called and given 24 hours to complete it)


A member must be screened at the time of inquiry to make sure that Suboxone Treatment is the best course of action (if not then the most appropriate referral will be made immediately).   Part of that screening process is looking for signs of dependence to opiates (tolerance, significant withdrawal symptoms and multiple negative consequences at home, work or school such as health issues, legal issues or relationship issues resulting from use). Phone screening and a 90 minute face-to-face evaluation will help to determine this.