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Things to remember when riding Dial-A-Ride:

Remember that you are not alone while you are riding the Dial-A-Ride system. The driver may make short diversions to pick-up other riders who are also going to a destination in the same general area as you are. If you have an appointment the driver is aware of it and will treat it as a priority.

When you call Dial-a-Ride you will be speaking with someone from the reservation staff at HVCC. Once you have registered, your information is available instantly so the reservation staff will know your address and whether you need any special assistance in order to ride.

To qualify for Dial-A-Ride must be 60 or older or considered disabled.

If you are 60 or over you may register immediately over the phone by calling 860-870-7940. If you are under 60 and considered disabled, we require a letter from you doctor or clinician to be faxed to 860-858-5587, stating that “you are disabled and require are services” before we can register you.


Become a Dial-a-Ride


Do you have a good driving record and some time to spare? Do you know the area of Vernon, Tolland and/or Ellington well? Would you like to make a few extra dollars while meeting and helping people? Call Michele at 860-870-7940. She will instruct you on how to obtain a passenger endorsement and will train you to operate the Dial-A-Ride vehicles

HVCC Dial-A-Ride services are funded in part by the Older Americans Act trough NCAAA