For the towns of Vernon, Tolland, and Ellington, we are asking for a $2.00 donation for each trip. Round trips are $4.00. This donation is necessary to help us to continue to operate, in the face of escalating fuel costs. Please have exact amount ready at the time of pick-up, as your driver cannot make change. No Passenger will be refused.

Annual Registration fee:

For riders who reside in the towns of Vernon, Tolland, and Ellington, due to the rising costs in economy, Dial-a-ride has implemented an annual $20.00 registration fee to help offset. This is due upon new registration and runs October 1st through September 31st. Any new rider who registers mid year is prorated and will be due October 1st thereafter.

Please be ready:

We request that you be ready 15 minutes before your scheduled pickup time. This allows for more flexibility in scheduling so that more people can ride the bus. If possible, please wait where you can see the vehicle arrive. The drivers are instructed to wait only 5 minutes at each pick up point. Please be prompt.

Other Riders:

Remember that you are not alone while you are riding the Dial-A-Ride system. The driver may make short diversions to pick-up other riders who are also going to a destination in the same general area as you are. Please be patient, we are trying to accommodate as many riders as we can. If you have an appointment the driver is aware of it and will treat it as a priority.

When you call Dial-a-Ride you will be speaking with someone from the reservation staff at HVCC. The reservationists use a computer system to schedule rides. Once you have registered, your information is available instantly so the reservation staff will know your address and whether you need any special assistance in order to ride. When you book a ride, you will be told approximately what time our driver will pick you up, and what time our driver will return for you.


Manchester Residents Only:

We provide transportation for Manchester residents to locations in Manchester only during standard operating hours, and limited to two rides per week. (Mall area trips are not permitted due to time limitations:

*Pickup/return: Monday-Friday 8:30am-4:30pm*

*Friday phones and office shut down at 1:00pm please remember your pick up times*

East Hartford Residents Only:

We provide transportation anywhere in East Hartford, and for medical appointments in Glastonbury, during our standard operating hours.

On Fridays we can bring clients to Manchester or South Windsor for medical appointments only.

Pickup/returns are Monday-Friday 8:30am-4:15pm

*Friday our office and phones shut down at 1:00pm, please remember your return time*


If you need to cancel a ride, please try to do so as far ahead as possible. If you cancel at the last minute, it may mean that someone else was refused a ride that could have been provided. Cancellations can be made 24 hours a day by calling Dial-a-Ride and leaving a message on the answering machine. Please do not leave reservations on answering machine.

Please note that flexibility on timing may be needed, but every attempt will be made to try and accommodate your request for a ride. We also ask you to remember that Dial-A-Ride does not provide emergency services.

Pickups/returns are Monday-Friday: 8:30-4:30pm

*Please remember your return time, Friday our phones shut off at 1:00pm*

HVCC Dial-A-Ride services are funded in part by the Older Americans Act trough NCAAA

What time is Dial-a-Ride open?

Office Hours: 8:30am-5:00pm Monday-Thursday, and 8:30am-1:00pm Fridays
excluding holidays.

Buses run: Monday-Friday: 8:30am-4:30pm

*Please remember your return time on Friday's our office phones shut off at 1:00pm*

What towns does Dial-a-Ride service?

Dial-A-Ride Travels to all locations in Vernon, Ellington, Tolland, and to (Manchester and South Windsor for medical appointments only) when available.

Where can I go?

We are available for any purpose including medical appointments, shopping and social and recreational appointments. Other trips are provided on a group basis.

Currently under a grant we run 1 Saturday trip a month open to residents of these 3 towns to the Buckland Hills mall area in Manchester.

Can I make a reservation?

Reservations for all appointments are on a first come first serve basis. You will need to reserve your ride both to the appointment and from the appointment. In order to provide a return ride you will need to estimate the duration of your stay at your appointment. If you are ready to return early let us know and we will try to return you early. If you are not going to be ready on time please try to call in advance of your pickup time so that the driver won't have to come back twice. You may book your ride up to 8 weeks in advance.

Service Animals:

Service Animals are welcome

Inclement weather


You can get cancellation information by watching WFSB Channel 3.

Pease watch your TV for the following:

For Vernon, Ellington, Tolland residents: Hockanum Valley Dial-A-Ride Closed (or it may state a delay)

For East Hartford Residents: East Hartford Dial-A-Ride Closed (or is may state a delay)

For Manchester Residents: Manchester Dial-A-Ride Closed (or it may state a delay)

Become a Dial-a-Ride Driver

Do you have a good driving record and some time to spare? Do you know the area of Vernon, Tolland and/or Ellington well? Would you like to make a few extra dollars while meeting and helping people? Call Michele at 860-870-7940. She will instruct you on how to obtain a passenger endorsement and will train you to operate the Dial-A-Ride vehicles.


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